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Image DescriptionCell Cover | Shuimubio Aids in Deciphering Chloroplast Gene Transcription Machinery
Read More2024-03-01
Image DescriptionIn Silico Discovery of Small Molecule Modulators Targeting the Achilles' Heel of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein
Read More2023-02-08
Image DescriptionPreprint: Cryo-EM structure of DNA polymerase θ helicase domain in complex with inhibitor novobiocin
Read More2023-01-20
Image DescriptionEnrollment List | TOP25 of the 2<SUP>nd</SUP> Young Scientist Cryo-EM Research Support Program
Read More2022-09-08
Image DescriptionPreprint: Cryo-EM complex structure of active GPR75 with a nanobody
Read More2022-08-18
Image Description2<SUP>nd</SUP> Young Scientist Cryo-EM Research Support Program
Read More2022-07-25
Image DescriptionShuimu will hold booth#2013 during the AACR 2022 event
Read More2022-04-08
Image DescriptionCryo-EM enabled novel and highly differentiated antibody development
Read More2022-03-04
Image DescriptionSerial entrepreneur Allen Guo: go beyond boundaries
Read More2022-03-21
Image DescriptionNEXT TECH opens, shuimu helps French pharmaceutical companies to innovate in China
Read More2022-02-26
Image DescriptionShuimu, Biocytogen and others collaborate to publish new research paper on COVID19-neutralizing antibody in Cell Discovery
Read More2022-02-25
Image DescriptionThe second 300kV cryo-EM up and running, apply for Krios G4 free trial now
Read More2022-02-25


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Image DescriptionWhen Cryo-EM meets AI: Leading a revolution in drug discovery
Read More2023-03-09
Image DescriptionApplication and examples of GraFuture™ cryo-EM grids
Read More2022-09-05
Image DescriptionTechnical Advances and Applications of Cryo-Electron Microscopy (cryo-EM)
Read More2021-07-21
Image DescriptionStructural biology and drug innovation for β-adrenergic receptors
Read More2022-04-01
Image DescriptionHow to Plan Expression and Affinity Chromatography Based Protein Purification?
Read More2022-04-01


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Image DescriptionShuimu will hold booth#2013 during the AACR 2022 event
Read More2022-04-08








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