The 3D structure of macromolecules provides crucial insights when we explore the unknown world of life sciences. In the wake of technological development, cryo-EM single particle analysis (cryo-EM SPA) technique is widely adopted as the primary method to elucidate many key biological mechanisms at the molecular level.

To dedicate the full use of 8 300kV cryo-EM microscopes, along with GraFuture™ graphene grids series and the driving force of AI in structure analysis and modeling, for the young elites of structure biology research, Shuimu is proud to announce the launch of the 2nd Young Scientist Cryo-EM Research Support Program on July 25, 2022.

The 2nd Young Scientist Cryo-EM Research Support Program

  1. Open to all young scientists affiliated with any research institutions or universities;
  2. 20 projects will be selected among all the applications;
  3. SPA technology should be considered in the applied proposals.
  4. Free initial assessment including negative staining, sample preparation and grids screen on 300kV cryo-EM microscope will be provided to selected projects.
  5. 3 types of grids include quantifole Au grid, GraFuture™ graphene oxide(GO) and GraFuture™ reduced graphene oxide(RGO) grid will be used for sample preparation;
  6. Depending on the project progress, a 50% research fund support for cryo-EM SPA could be offered to the selected projects, and it could even go up to 100% for the outstanding projects.

Program Agenda

Program Agenda from ShuimuBio

  1. Committee will reach out to the final 20 award winners to provide SPA-quality macromolcule samples for further analysis.
  2. A conclusion report of the initial assessment will be delivered after the completion of sample screening and evaluation.
  3. Based on the results of the initial assessment, scientists will decide whether to carry out preliminary particle evaluation or subsequent SPA data collection.

【Preliminary particle evaluation includes】

  1. Select the best grid and collect 500~1,000 photos under 300kV cryo-EM microscope;
  2. 2D classification for collected datasets;
  3. Proceed for further analysis by default if the 2D classification results indicate so. Otherwise, a 2D report will be delivered.

Application Process

STEP ONE - Application

Click here or click the buttons in the context to submit your application before August 25.

STEP TWO - Confirmation

Committee will contact you within 3 work days to confirm your application.

STEP THREE - Information Gathering

The final result will be released on September 8. You can check the results from our website (en.shuimubio.com).

Notice to Applicants

  1. All the applicants should fill in the application form. No other application forms will be accepted;
  2. All the applied projects will be evaluated by Shuimu YSSP Committee;
  3. The company and YSSP Committee reserve the right of final interpretation of this activity.

Messages from 1st YSSP Applicants

“The therapeutic discoveries hijacking the E3 ubiquitin ligase to a target protein are growing rapidly in recent years. ShuimuBio’s program offers us an excellent opportunity to study the function of crucial E3 ubiquitin ligases by high-resolution cryo-EM structural analysis.”

——Mengying Zhou, Harvard Medical School

“Structural biology not only helps deepen the understanding of the biological mechanism but also promotes the drug development of related diseases. Structure-based drug discovery is an indispensable approach for the design and optimization of new therapeutic agents. I was fortunate to cooperate with ShuimuBio. It is no doubt the advantage of Shuimu will generate more opportunities for discoveries.”

——Yongliang Jiang, The University of Science and Technology of China

“Cryo-EM has contributed immensely to understanding the structures of biological molecules. The professional service offered by Shuimu is a great initiative to help researchers in understanding the biological complexity.”

——Arun Upadhyay, Northwestern University

“Shuimu's advanced commercial cryo-EM service platform greatly supports the structural and functional study of biological macromolecules. I was lucky to collaborate with ShuimuBio to solve the three-dimensional structure of protein machines and unveil the mysteries of life activity.”

——Xiaodong Luan, Peking Union Medical College

Any questions or suggestions about the YSSP

Please contact hi@shuimubio.com


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