Shuimu BioSciences will host booth #2013 during the AACR event, from 10th to 13th. If you are interested in some cutting-edge technologies in the drug discovery industry, we may have some further conversation during the event, to discuss about how our company's products could boost your research progress.

A brief introduction to our 300kV cryo-EM based services & grid products:

1. Single Particle Analysis (SPA):
High-resolution protein structure determination

2. MicroED:
Determine structures of crystals at submicrometer sizes

3. Protein Expression & Purifications:
Easier access to target proteins

4. Negative Staining:
Get visual feedback on the sample quality fastly

5. Reduced Graphene Oxide Grid:
Our latest patent GraFuture overcame the bottleneck in cryo-EM sample preparation

Meet Peng Qu, our business development director during the event.

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